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ENTMS - 2019

International Symposium on New Equipment, New Technology, Management and Safety in Mining and Mineral based industries.

On 11th and 12th May 2019

National Technology Day Celebration

At Hotel Swosti Premium, Bhubaneswar (India)

Upcoming Event:

 19th Geominetech Autumn Conference Guwahati Oil HSE

On 14-15,December 2018

At Guwahati , India



    This series of annual events began in 2001 AD

  • For the manufacturers, R & D organisations etc. to present their innovations and ideas to the executives in the industries.
  • It has provided the best opportunity for the executives of the mining and related industries to learn about the latest developments.
    Apart from that it has provided

  • One of the best opportunities for the end users of the minerals to meet the producers of minerals for their future requirements
  • One of the best opportunities for the traders and investors to learn about the latest developments and future prospects.
    With the rapidly increasing demand for minerals in India and very low rate of increase in domestic mineral production ENTMS 2019 (in May 2019) provides a unique opportunity

  • For the producers of minerals to explore new markets
  • For end users of the minerals to meet the prospective suppliers and
  • For innovations to meet the gap between supply and demand.


Partial list of participating organisations in the earlier Geominetech Symposia:

Did You Know?

The earliest systematic mining, mineral beneficiation and metal extraction was done on the banks of river Saraswati commonly known as the Indus valley civilisation.While trying to study the history of ancient mining and metallurgy in the Indus valley (i.e. Saraswati valley) during the Harappan period some geologists, mining engineers and metallurgists discovered that the chronology given in the official versions of the history books is not correct.

What they found is summarised below:
   According to the modern Indian history books Lord Buddha is believed to have been born in the sixth century BC and Chandragupta Maurya is believed to have been the ruler of Magadha Empire soon after the invasion of Alexander in the year 327 BC. There is a common misconception among the laymen as well as the historians that these and the other dates given in the official version of Indian history are proven facts.
However, a careful and critical examination of the sources from which, and the manner in which, these dates have been derived shows that these dates are only as true as the creation of the universe in (or around) the year 4006 BC.

How, why and when these myths were put in the hisory books as facts?
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E-Books That are Published Every Year & Different Research Papers Received From Different Companies


Cover Con


Cover Con




Event Topics

New Equipment, New Technology, Management and Safety

                   Exploration and Mine Planning
                   Quality Management, Mineral Processing and Mineral handling
                   I.T.application and automation in the mineral industry
                   Investment Opportunities in Indian Mining Industry
                   Beach placers and off Shore Mining
                   Regulatory Measures for conservation, safety, environment etc.

Please suggest additional themes to make the symposium more useful.

Important Dates

Please do not miss the last dates for registration and submission of the papers

14-15, December 2018

19TH Geominetech Autumn Conference Guwahati Oil HSE

10th March 2019

Last date for receipt of abstracts (500 words)

19th March 2019

Last date for intimation of acceptance.

22th April 2019

Last date for the receipt of complete paper.

The papers should be submitted in English through Email or CD.*

Fees/Charges Applicable

Concessional Advertisement Tariff for the souvenir Volume For payments received before 31st March 2019: A4 Size Black and white

SPECIAL COVERING AD / WITH WEB/ APP / INR 1.8 lakhs / 1.50 lakhs / 1.00 lakh /

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                   Quarter Page in column (Inner)B/W Rs 15,000/- US Dollar200/Foreign
                   (25% extra per additional colour)

Registration fees for Delegates:
            Upto 14th April 2019.
                   INR 19,400/- Corporate delegate per participant.Awardee corporate sector.
                   INR 14,600/- Corporate Delegate Fee per participant.
                   INR. 9,600.00 General del.fee (Indian), US$ 370(Foreign) per Participant (Company sponsored)/.(Extra INR 1900/- for spouse)
                   INR 8,700.00, Member of IE (I) / MEAI/ IMMA/MGMI/ SGAT/ IME/ISEE (Extra 1900/- for spouse)
                   INR 6,400.00 –Participant in personal capacity. (Extra 1900/- for spouse)
                   INR.4,700.00- Participant special /academicians/Research Scholar. (Extra 1900/- for spouse).
            After 14th April 2019, Rs. 800/- Extra (for all categories of participants except for participants in personal capacity ).

Patron DONOR 10 lakhs/special mention in Symposium/& Library.
Donor 8 lakhs /Special mention in symposium/featuring in all items of symposium
Platinum Zoom Sponsorship : (us dollar 15000 ) delegates team maxm 15 free with name display. INR.6 lakhs Indian / (us dollar 15000 or INR.6.0 lakhs Indian with cover page ad free)/ special mention with all facilities below
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Principal Sponsorship :-
      US$4500/ delegates team maxm 10 free with name display. INR.2.5 lakhs Indian / Exhibiting facility starts + Video presentations + lunch sponsor display
      US$4000/ 1- 8 delegates free with name display. INR.1.8 lakhs Indian(Cover inside pg ad free)
      US$3500Corporate Organisation (Foreign) INR.1,60,000/- Indian Upto 5 delegates and one ad plus other facilities mentioned below Free + Video presentations
      US$3000(Foreign) INR.1,25,000/- Indian Upto 4 delegates and one ad plus other facilities mentioned below Free + Video presentations
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      US $ 1500 (foreign) INR.40,000/- Indian upto 3 delegates and one ad + name display at venue free.

US$ 1400(Foreign) INR.25,000/- Indian 1 delegates and one ad.free only.


Payment to be made DD in favour of GEOMINETECH payable at Bhubaneswar or for direct deposit wire transfer Bank details is:
SBI POKHARIPUT Branch Bhubaneswar, India
IFSC Code SBIN0010928
SB ACCOUNT NO: 30707108646 in favour Geominetech.

Are You Ready To Enjoy?

Do not forget to visit when you come to Bhubaneshwar

The Famous Shri Jagannath Temple, Puri
The Famous Lingaraj Temple, Bhubaneshwar
The Magnificent Sun Temple of Konark (even if it is in ruins) built in the 12th century AD
Khandagiri and Udayagiri caves, Bhubaneswar
Japanese Buddhist shrine at Dhauli Hills, Bhubaneswar
The other Magnificent Shrines built earlier and still functional
and many other nearby places of interest.
Bhubaneshwar is well connected by air, rail and road.

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