ENTMS Papers 2017

  1. Vermeer Corporation

  2. Chromite Mining in India:Present Status, Vision 2020 and Beyond-Strategy - A.B.Panigrahi, Controller of Mines(Retd.) Indian Bureau of Mines

  3. National Steel Policy- 2017: Final Plan- Some Board Aspects, GS Khuntia

  4. Technoligical Advancement in the field of Mining Industry- A Case Study, BRK Padhi, Rakesh Mishra

  5. Sea Bed Mining - Deepak Vidyarthi

  6. Impact of Iron and Manganese Mining on the Ambient Air Quality in Koira Mining Region - S. Dash and H.B. Sahu

  7. Oil India LTD.- Its Environment Management - Dr. B.N Sahoo

  8. Career Development - A Tool For Employee Development - A Study In A Public Sector Undertaking - Sumit Sahoo

  9. Golden Rules of Vision Zero And Management of Osh In Mines By A.K.Megharaj, Dy.Director General Of Mines Safety Southern Zone, Bengaluru

  10. Brief Introduction to TIPPER and Geothermal Applications Dr. Michael C. Mound and Byron Arnason

  11. Innovative Ways To Utilize Mine Water For The Treatment Of Mine Dust To Deal With The Occupational Health Hazards In Coal Mines - Jayaprakash Panda Dy. Manager (E&M), SECL, Coal India Ltd.

  12. WOMEN AT WORK - Dr. Varsha Dharmadhikari Raheja Group GM (CMO), Iron Ore Business . Vedanta Ltd.

  13. Implementation of Mineral Processing Techniques to Minimize Waste Generated in Steel plant BarunHarichandan - R Venugopal-Department of Fuel and Mineral Engineering, A. K. Dash-Department of Mining Engineering IIT (Indian School of Mines), Dhanbad

  14. "Zero Accident" Vision in Indian Coal Mining Sector - Major Challenges and Path Forward - R. M. Bhattacharjee, A. K. Dash, Department of Mining Engineering, IIT(Indian School of Mines), Dhanbad, India

  15. Development Of A Of Wireless Particulate Matter Monitoring System For Mines - Amit Swain, Nimish Patnaik, Mahesh Bepari and Dr H. B. Sahu

  16. MAPTEK Delivers Innovative Smaller, Lighter, Faster, Mining Tough LASER Scanners

  17. Mining & Metals Industry Volatility On Global Dynamics - An Economic & Financial An Outlook - Bijaya B K Sahu, Dy. Controller of Mines, IBM

  18. Marble Mineral Deposits In India - Prospects Of Marble Mining In Rajasthan And Its Place In The World Scenario - D Panduranga Rao

  19. Reformation In Exploration And Mining In India - A Misconceived Approach - Dr. M.M.Mukherjee Deputy Director General (Retired), Geological Survey Of India

  20. Cobalt Resources Around The Globe - Ajoy Kumar Chatterjee (International Miner & Mining Industry Expert)

  21. Hydraulic Excavator Operations in Surface Mines: A Key to Productivity - D R Singh-Research Scholar, A K Mishra, P Mookherjee, Professor Department of Mining Engineering Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad

  22. Coal India should go for Precast slabs for construction of haul roads - JP Panda

  23. Remote-Sensing-GIS Based Catchment Area Treatment Planning in Hilltop Mining Region in Parts of Saranda Forest, West Singhbhum, Jharkhand -Sushil N. Mhaske, Prof Dr K. Pathak Dept. of Mining Engineering, IIT, Kharagpur, India

  24. Requirement For PIT Lake Policies In Indian Mining Sectors - Dr. Khanindra Pathak Independent Director, Coal India Limited Professor and Head, Department of Mining Engineering | L. Yashwanth Reddy, Final Year Dual Degree Student, Department of Mining Engineering, IIT, Kharagpur

  25. Prospect Of Stone Industries In India - A Review - Prof. (Dr.) Girijesh Kumar Professor & Head, Geology Cum Registrar, Sindri Institute, Dhanbad

  26. Impact Of Latest Mining Legislations On Mineral Development In Odisha. - R.N. Sahu Mining Law Consultant

  27. Role Of Individual Characteristics In Coal Mine Accidents´┐ŻAn Epidemiological Study - Dr. B.M. Kunar, Assistant Professor, Department of Mining Engineering NIT, Karnataka

  28. Novel Technology On Determination Of Bond Work Indexfor Red Sediment Placer Ilmenite Concentrate - T. Laxmi And R. Bhimarao, Asst. Professor, CIPET, Bhubaneswar, India

ENTMS Papers 2014

  1. Mining Scam, Enquiries and the Shadows - Dr. Umesh Chandra Jena

  2. Implementation of Environmental Ameliorative Measures - Success Story in SECL, R P Thakur, Nirmal Kumar, S C Shankar

  3. Highwall Mining - A Technological Solution for Safe Extraction of Bloacked Coal, Ramesh Chandra, Bhaskar Basu, Prasanta Choudhury

  4. Fundamentals of Risk Management - CB Sood

  5. Distributed Control System for Smart Automation in Mining to Enhance Productivity and Safety of Heavy Mobile Machinery

  6. Strategies for Control of Particulate Matter in the Industrial Cluster Area

  7. Critical Metals - Their Current Status and Indian Context - Dr. Murari Mohan Mukherjee

  8. Accident Analysis of Indian Non-cola Mines - Need For Change in Focus of Accident Investigation, Ashish Kumar Dash, PS Paul, RM Bhattcharjee

  9. Will Modi Government, If Comes to power will be able cancel the allocated coal blocks by the previous Government - JP Panda, Ex CGM CIL

  10. Russian Mining Market will welcomes Localised MAPTEK Mining Software

  11. Subsidence Prediction Models for Stowed Working in Indian Coalfields - A Review

  12. Project Management Systems for development of Coal Mines - A strategic Appraisal in Indian Context

  13. Necessity of Bottled Water Industry in India - Some Facts

  14. The CAG Report on Coal Block Allocation - An analysis with reference to India's Economy

  15. Applicability of Numerical Simulation Tools for Complex Geological Conditions

  16. Mining Industry - A new Hope for unemployed youth towards Building A developed Odisha

  17. Beneficiation of Manganese ore tailings by flotation for Industrial use

  18. Prospects of Iron Ore Mining in Odisha in view of Shah Commission Report

ENTMS Papers 2013

  1. Bhaskar Bhattacharya Memorial Key Paper: Management of Disasters

  2. Emerged Mining Scenario - 2013 From Grass to Gross

  3. Mining Project Report of Gypsum Ore Prospects of AL Rawas Mining Co LLC Near Salalah, Sultanate of Oman

  4. Dispute Resolution in Contracts through Arbitration - Need of Legislative Reform

  5. Cement Industry in India - Ways to improve Efficiency and Environment

  6. CSR Policy of coal India must be used as an investment opportunity not as charity for mutual benefit of the company as well as the land losers

  7. Relevance of Re-Classification of Stages of Geological Study in the Field of Mineral Investigation

  8. Summry of IVAN( Index of Net Present Valuation/Return on Investment) for Optimization of Production and Reduction in Costs of Energy and Emission via Trending in Real-Time with the IMA FCA(Fast Conveyor Analyzer)

  9. The Art and Science/Technology of Mineral Processing for Solving Environmental Problems

  10. Challenges in Mining Bauxite at Nalco Panchpatmli - A Geo-Mining Perspective

  11. Success of Continuous Miner in Bord and Pillar Method

  12. Research on the Simulation Optimization of the Caving Coal Technology in Zhujiao Coal Mine

  13. Quality Circles - A Concept of Total Quality Management

  14. Environmental Issues Related to Mining Industry

  15. Crushing of Aggregates with Fixed Shaft Cone Crusher : A Green Initiative by L&T

  16. Mine Closure - A Case Study of NLC Mines

  17. Innovative Technology for Societal Project : A Case Study on Recovery of Beauty Culture Material from Laterite Quarries

  18. Effective maintenance Practices for Mining Equipments

  19. Status of Iron Ore Resources Development in Context of Investment in Steel Sector in India with Roadmap by 2030

  20. Strategic Management for Health and Safety System in Mining Sector : A need for Sustainability in Indian Mining Industry

  21. Reducing the Impoverish Risk of Miners by providing Life Insurance Services in India

  22. Vetiver System for Management of Overburden Dump Stability and Erosion Protection - A Case Study

  23. Articulated Dump Trucks could be a Solution for Monsoon loss of Production

  24. Energy Conservation Measures using New Technologies in Mine-II, of Nayveli Lignite Corporation Ltd.

  25. Study on Air Curtain Dust Separation technique at Coal Shearer

  26. Effectiveness of Amine as Demulsifier in Crude Oil Emulsion Treatment

  27. Carbon Credits - A Boon to Industry

  28. Method and Monitoring of Yield Pillar

  29. Mine Closure Palnning and Post Closure Activities

  30. Outlook for the Mineral Industry of Odisha

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