Upcoming Event

 Upcoming Event: 19th Geominetech Autumn Conference Guwahati Oil HSE

Sustainability, New Equipment, New Technology Management and Safety.

On 14-15,December 2018

At Guwahati,India

Upcoming Event

Geominetech Autumn Conference coinciding with Oil Conference

    Health Safety & Environment/ Sustainability/Innovations with special emphasis to New Equipment - New Technology Management and Safety In Oil / Mining and Mineral based Industries

  • 19th Geominetech Autumn Conference Guwahati Session 14-15 Dec 2018 .
  • Guwahati Session 14-15 December 2018 with sight seeing the Natural Dark Beauty of Indian National Park, Kaziranga night stay with cultural programme with Rhino Elephant safari etc on 8th Nov subject to consent of Delegates .
  • Sight Seeing at Guwahati Session : Kaziraranga, Indian National Park, notable wildlife sanctuary declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1985


Partial list of participating organisations in the earlier Geominetech Symposia:

  • Oil India Ltd
  • Indian Mine Managers Association
  • Directorate General of Mines Safety
  • Indian Bureau Of Mines
  • Central Institute of Mining & Fuel Research, CSIR,Dhanbad
  • Institution of Engineers(Mining Division)Bhubaneswar
  • OSM Engg Alumni Association/National Institute of Small Mines/ IMEJ Readers Forum
  • Indian School of Mines,Dept of Mining Engg, Engg & Mining Machinery Dept
  • Dept. of Mining Engg. VNIT Nagpur/Surathkal
  • Dept of mining Engineering, BHU,IT,Varanasi/IIT Kharagpur.
  • National Institute of Rock Mechanics
  • Midwest Envitech Ltd
  • Earth Resources Dept,Indian Institute of Technology,Mumbai
  • China University./Alaska University./South Illinois University.
  • Minemap Australia./SVC,Chicago/South Dakota University
  • Laula University of Technology,Maintenance Division,Sweden
  • AWTN,Australia/ CMM International,Germany/PICOR US


A large number of seminars, symposiums and conferences are being organized every now and then across the country and world over. But this Conference Autumn Session is hopefully a unique one, designed to provide innovative ideas updating knowledge through deep sense of responsibility drawing expert opinions keeping in view the future vision for the benefit of the industry..

   Conventional methods with conventional thinking & management pattern at this time of sky rocketing high cost of mineral production today has become totally unviable which is in real need of the genius R&D work of the experts who can only help from sinking boat in this present context. At this backdrop this New Equipment New Technology Sustainable Conference HSE OIL.
Geominetech Conference / 19th Geominetech Autumn Conference Guwahati SHE Session with specific reference to “New Equipment – New Technology and Management and Safety” is designed to provide common and true platform drawing experts from far and near to exchange their views for achieving best results scientifically evolving innovative & true ideas through new technology..

   With a few of the largest reserve of OIL, Coal, Lignite, Iron Ore, Bauxite, Mica, Chromite, India boasts of tremendous potential in the Mining Sector. Liberalized Industrial and Economic Policy coupled with New Mineral policy of the country allowing more than 50% foreign equity in joint ventures, technology transfer from foreign countries, allowing investment in Private Sector has opened up new opportunities and vistas for businessmen. Mineral production contributes only less % of our GDP, thus indicating a huge untapped potential. This Conference on HSE plans to address the issues of Mineral Industries in following theme & sub themes in two days deliberations.


Providing true forum to develop concrete scenario -Past Review & Present Scenario Evolving New thoughts & innovative ideas supporting the industry.

   Recommendation committee’s report shall be widely circulated amongst Govt. officials, decision makers, policy planners and technocrats for achieving the best result. Participants must feel that they have updated their mind and attitude and should be impressed through deep sense of knowledge in the respective subjects.
It is against the above background and objective that it is considered necessary to organize this Autumn HSE Conference, that the representatives of related Industries, could interact with planning authorities and equipment manufacturers in various sectors, Statutory authorities looking after Regulatory Measures, Govt., Planning and Research Organizations, with the objective to identify priority areas for Niti Ayog, identify possible source of Finances, chalk out a strategy for execution in expansion of oil / mining industry & infrastructure projects with new technology.

   Expert from foreign countries will also be invited to deliver lecturers, present technical papers in respect of achievement in above sub-themes in their countries exchanging their views. Eminent personalities in Oil/ Mining, Regulatory bodies, govt. planning bodies will be requested to deliver special lectures to improvise whole HSE scenario in our country.

Event Topics

New Equipment, New Technology, Management and Safety

                   Reconnaissance Survey, Exploration & Deposit Evaluation
                   Planning & Equipment Selection
                   Method of Working
                   Equipment / Machinery
                   Drilling, Blasting, Rock Fragmentation
                   Oil/ Material Handling, Hauling, Crushing & Conveying
                   Oil Refinery/Mineral Processing, Beneficiation
                   Quality Control
                   Special Session on CBM/OIL/Energy Audit
                   Computer Application / Information Technology
                   Total Quality Management
                   Investment Opportunities in Indian Mining /oil Industry.
                   Right Technology suited for growth and development in vital sectors.
                   Under sea activity /Mining, progress and future prospects
                   Policies, procedures, Efficacy of Regulatory Measures, Forest Conservation Acts and Rules
                   Formulation of Strategies to meet the future challenges
                   Constraints in availability of Infrastructure facilities and fund for Railways, Ports, Roads, Power, Telecommunication etc.

Important Dates

Please do not miss the last dates for registration and submission of the papers

14-15, December 2018

19TH Geominetech Autumn Conference Guwahati Oil HSE

10th Sept 2018

Last date for receipt of abstracts (500 words)

19th Sept 2018

Last date for intimation of acceptance.

29th Oct 2018

Last date for the receipt of complete paper.

All papers typed (double spaced) in English having both hard copy and email or CD in MS word. Figures and diagrams as small as possible and neatly drawn in deep ink.

Fees/Charges Applicable

Delegate Registration Fee

Before 11th October 2018:

                   INR 19,600/- Corporate delegate per participant. Awardee corporate sector.
                   (Others: Either or Both the Sessions INR 11,000/-Only one i.e. either Guwahati or Puri Session. 19,600/- Both session)
                   INR 14,600/- Corporate Delegate Fee per participant. (If more than 7 delegates)
                   INR 6,400.00 –Participant in personal capacity. (Extra 1900/- for spouse)

                   INR.4,700.00- Participant special /academicians/Research Scholar. (Extra 1900/- for spouse).
                   (Foreign participants: 400 us dollar for one session / 500 us dollar for both the session and sight-seeing 500 us dollar extra per delegates/ spouse extra 200 us dollar)
After 11th October 2018:

                   INR. 800/- Extra (for all categories of participants except for participants in personal capacity). Foreign 100 US dollar extra.
Advertisement Tariff

Souvenir Volume A4 Size/ Web site / App /Ad

                   SPECIAL COVERING AD / WITH WEB/ APP / INR 1.8 lakhs / US Dollar 4000 /-
                   SPECIAL COVERING AD / WITH WEB/ APP / INR 1.50 lakhs / US Dollar 2800 /-
                   SPECIAL COVERING AD / WITH WEB/ APP / INR 1.00 lakhs / US Dollar 2000 /-
Cover page Back Rs.80,000/ US dollar 1800/Foreign
                   Front &Back Inside Rs.75,000/ US dollar 1400/Foreign
                   Full Page (Color)B/W Rs.60,000/ US dollar 500/Foreign

                   Full Page Rs. 50,000/ US dollar 500/Foreign.
                   Half Page (Inner)B/W Rs. 25,000/ US dollar 280/Foreign
                   Quarter Page (Inner)B/W Rs 20,000/- US dollar 200/Foreign
                   Quarter Page in column (Inner)B/W Rs 15,000/- US dollar 200/Foreign
Patron Principal Sponsorship INR 20-25 lakhs. (Foreign us dollar 50,000/-).
Principal Sponsorship INR 20 lakhs (Foreign us dollar 40,000/-)
Patron DONOR INR 10 lakhs/ 20,000 us dollar foreign special mention in Symposium/& Library.
Donor 8 lakhs /16000 us dollar Special mention in symposium/featuring in all items of symposium
Platinum Zoom Sponsorship : (us dollar 15000 ) delegates team maxm 15 free with name display. INR.6 lakhs Indian / (us dollar 15000 or INR.6.0 lakhs Indian with cover page ad free)/ special mention with all facilities below
Super Platinum Sponsorship: (us dollar 10000) / delegates team maxm 15 free with name display. INR.5 lakhs Indian / (us dollar 10000 or INR.5.0 lakhs Indian with cover page inside ad free)/ special mention all facilities below
Platinum Plus Sponsorship: (us dollar 8000 )/ delegates team maxm 15 free with name display. INR.4.0 lakhs Indian / (us dollar 8000 or INR.4.0 lakhs Indian with cover inside page ad free)+ Dinner sponsor display
Platinum Sponsorship: (us dollar 7000)/ delegates team maxm 15 free with name display. INR.3.5 lakhs Indian / (us dollar 7000 or INR.3.5 lakhs Indian with cover inside page ad free)+ Dinner /Banner display
Gold Sponsorship: - (4500 dollar) / delegates team maxm 10 free with name display. INR.2.5 lakhs Indian / Exhibiting facility starts + Video presentations + lunch sponsor display
(4000 dollar) / 1- 8 delegates free with name display. INR.1.8 lakhs Indian (Cover inside pg ad free) +
Corporate Organization US$3500(Foreign) INR.1,60,000/- Indian Up to 5 delegates and one ad plus other facilities mentioned below Free + Video presentations

US$ 1400(Foreign) INR.25,000/- Indian 1 delegates and one ad.free only.

Sight Seeing Kaziranga world heritage site, Indian National Park with Dark Beauty Kaziranga Travel from Guwahati, night stay at Kaziranga with dinner cultural evening and next day with Park Rhino Elephant Safari etc and lunch hour drop at Guwahati. INR 12,000/- extra per person and 18,000/- along with spouse. (Subject to number of delegates)


Payment to be made DD in favour of GEOMINETECH payable at Bhubaneswar or for direct deposit wire transfer Bank details is:
SBI POKHARIPUT Branch Bhubaneswar, India
IFSC Code SBIN0010928
SB ACCOUNT NO: 30707108646 in favour Geominetech.

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Do not forget to visit when you come to Bhubaneshwar

The Famous Shri Jagannath Temple, Puri
The Famous Lingaraj Temple, Bhubaneshwar
The Magnificent Sun Temple of Konark (even if it is in ruins) built in the 12th century AD
Khandagiri and Udayagiri caves, Bhubaneswar
Japanese Buddhist shrine at Dhauli Hills, Bhubaneswar
The other Magnificent Shrines built earlier and still functional
and many other nearby places of interest.
Bhubaneshwar is well connected by air, rail and road.

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